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Stress Releaf Massage Oil

Stress Releaf's elegant massage oil uses natural ingredients and oils that studies have shown to have skin rejuvenation, anti-inflammation and overall balanced health properties: Curcumin, Manuka Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, GojiBerry fruit extract, as well as Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Stress Relief massage oils contain a higher proportion of CBDA (cannabidiol acid), a naturally occurring cannabinoid, which is scientifically proven to be 8x more potent and bioavailable than CBD (cannabidiol). Our therapeutic massage oil provides relief for chronic and acute pain. Our CBDA rich full spectrum hemp extract paired with manuka oil, sweet almond oil, aloe, lemon grass and gojiberry is a soothing blend for sore muscles, tension, inflammation and skin rejuvenation.

Ideal For

100 mg of CBDA/CBD

Key Features

Organic Certified Full Spectrum Hemp

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What's Included

Curcumin, Manuka and Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon Grass, Aloe and GojiBerry

Set Up

Third Party tested by the University of Illinois Chicago

Pair With

Benefits: Relief of sore muscles and mood relaxer, Ease Inflammation & Discomfort, Balance’s the overall immune system, Skin rejuvenation

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