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Revelry Stowaway

We're pretty use to the smell of herb permeating our existence but having it overwhelm everything in our bag is a little much even for us. Luckily, the Reverly Stowaway Bag is here so we can be on-the-go with our herbs in the chicest, safest way possible. It's lockable and lined with odor-absorbing filters so you can keep your dry herb and concentrates stored securely.

Ideal For

Secure storage.

Key Features

The bag is constructed from odor-absorbing charcoal and two synthetic filters.

Item: 476896-79
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What's Included

Revelry Stowaway Bag

Set Up

If your Stowaway Bag has built up oders, just place it in the dryer for a few minutes and it will be good as new.

Pair With

Dry herb and concentrate

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