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K-Vape Pro

Smooth is the word you'll hear over and over again about this vaporizer. Like if Jeff Goldblum turned into a vaporizer, you'd get this. Even at high temperatures, when the vapor becomes thicker, the pull is velvety and plush. This is thanks in part to its newly designed glass mouthpiece that keeps outside flavors out of your experience. The honeycomb filter cools your draw which enhances the flavor experience. There's so much good about the K-Vape Pro that we haven't even gotten to the price yet, which - and we want to be clear here - it's phenomenal. You'll be hard pressed to find a better value.

Ideal For

Getting a smooooooth hit

Key Features

The large ceramic chamber and anodized aluminum shell give this vaporizer a sturdy feel and capacity to last your longer sessions.

Item: 476896-58
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