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EVRI starter pack

This is our desert island choice and it’s safe to say that at least one of us on the team will have this on them at any given time. The EVRI Starter Pack by Dip Devices is a triple use, compact vaporizer. The magnetic battery connects to interchangeable tips that evolve with consumption needs. This starter pack includes a vapor tip attachment which allows you to directly vaporize legal concentrates, and a 2 in 1 attachment for 510 cartridges and refillable pods.

Ideal For

Everyone, really.

Key Features

Triple use so you can customize your consumption with one compact device.

Item: 917720-4
In Stock
EVRI starter pack alternate img #1

What's Included

Magnetic Battery, Nectar Collector Attachment, Cartridge/Pod Attachment, Mini USB Charging Cable

Set Up

Connect your chosen device and press the button 5 times fast to turn on. Press that same button 3 times to change the temperature from low to high and press and hold to heat up.. Attachments snap in and out of place with ease.

Pair With

Concentrate, catridge or refillable pod

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