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The Dipper Vaporizer is the device we've been needing for years. Specifically the year we thought it would be cool to use a dab rig for the very first time in front of our crush and it turns out that giving yourself second degree burns isn't attractive? Jamie is married now and we have the Dipper so really everyone won. The dipper has two tip attachments so you can get a convenient way to dab without the chemistry set looking rig. It can be loaded up like a pack-and-go pen but with a true dab hit.

Ideal For

Being a little more discreet with your dabs.

Key Features

A Vapor Tip Atomizer and Quartz Crystal Atomizer gives you two ways to consume your concentrate.

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What's Included

Dipper Vaporizer, 2x Vapor Tip Atomizer, Quartz Crystal Atomizer. USB Charging Cable. Metal Loading Tool. Cleaning Swabs

Set Up

To use the Vapor Tip Atomizer, simply hold the tip to your favorite legal concentrate. Using the Quartz Crystal Atomizer, wax/concentrate can be loaded directly into the atomizer.

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