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This is the kind of vape you take home to mom. The MIQRO somehow manages to be a perfect tool for connoisseurs and not intimidating option for the greener of us. This is a powerful vaporizer that allows you to personalize your experience each time. The DaVinci comes with 4 advanced Smart Path heat settings that offer a different range of experiences: euphoria, creativity, calmness, and sleep. The temperature slowly increases over your session adding complex flavors and effects throughout your experience or you can go into Boost mode and get a quick hit. Plus it's tiny, like make you feel like a giant holding a regular sized vape kind of tiny.

Ideal For

Almost any mood you're in.

Key Features

The oven size can be adjusted 50% so you can customize your consumption and not let any herb go to waste.

Item: 476896-52
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DaVinci MIQRO alternate img #1

What's Included

USB Charging Cable, Accessory Kit, Extended Mouthpiece, Rechargeable Battery

Set Up

How you craft your experience with the MIQRO is totally up to you. Pack your herb, set your controls to your taste and get started.

Pair With

Dry herb

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